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Lisbon week: May 6th > 10th 2024
Chicago week: May 26th > 31st 2024


Bernardo Ferrão

SIC NOTÍCIAS > Deputy Diretor

AMP is an evolving experience that allows us to open our minds and get out of our comfort zone. CATÓLICA-LISBON and Kellogg made it memorable: top level participants, excellent network environment, 5-star organization and exceptional keynote speakers. I definitely recommend.

Cecília Meireles

Soc. Advogados Cerejeira Namora, Marinho Falcão > Associada Sénior

The AMP program was really an unforgettable experience. It sis carefully designed and focused, dealing with change and challenges. The group of participants was excellent, and we became true friends. The experience truly goes beyond updating knowledge and skills, it opens the mind to new trends and realities. 

José Luis Arnaut

CMS Rui Pena & Arnaut > Managing Partner

The academic environment both in Católica in Lisbon and Kellogg in Chicago help us focus on deepening reflections. The networking opportunities with attendees, professors and alumni make the experience even more enriching.

Luis Mexia Alves

Discovery Hotel Management > CEO

AMP at CATÓLICA-LISBON and Kellogg is a transformative experience. Exceptional participants, flawless organization, and inspiring speakers make it truly memorable. Highly recommended for personal and professional growth.

Micaela Pires Cabral

Ravasqueira – CFO > Admistradora Executiva

What a great experience! AMP is an intense and enriching program: for the topics addressed – current, innovative, and relevant; and, for the multiculture perspectives it provides, combining two schools, Católica and Kellog, through top-level professors.

Patrícia Afonso Fonseca

Legal Department | Novobanco

AMP was a fantastic experience and I strongly recommend it! The program is structured in a way that allows an holistic approach to any business and to develop a set of skills in a natural manner with top class professionals. It was a unique opportunity to “leave the suits behind” and to allow yourself a professional and personal experience that will contribute for the change in your organization.

Paula Jordão

Sonae MC > Head of Commercial Department

The AMP program isn't just an educational journey – it's a personal evolution. The mix of exceptional participants, a thriving network, a structured learning experience, and thought-provoking keynote speakers made it a high-value experience.

Pedro Tavares

Onstrategy > Founder & Managing Partner

Participating in the AMP was definitely a decision that brought me enormous added value by allowing me to stop, rethink, refresh and acquire new knowledge and even find solutions to disturbing questions that allowed me to empower new businesses. And, always beneficial, broadening the network of contacts and building new trusting relationships with excellent people and professionals.

Rogério Canhoto

PHC > Chief Business Officer

Participating in the AMP Program was a truly formative experience. It is undoubtedly a milestone both from a professional and personal perspective, not only for the academic atmosphere that has developed but also for the excellent relationship with top professionals who were part of this edition and with whom strong relationships remain.This program is a fundamental part of the competitiveness of the modern manager.

Sofia Barbosa

Outsystems > Vice president Customer Operations

Attending the AMP was a complete enriching experience for me. Having the opportunity to meet amazing professors that have a strong academic but also corporate background has inspired me in some many ways. The week at Católica and the week of Kellogg complete each other and challenge our mindset to think out of the box. Católica does an amazing job on the organization and setup of the AMP and the group spirit that is created during this program is one of the most valuable assets. Strongly recommend!