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Lisbon week: May 9th > 13th 2022
Chicago week: May 30th > June 3rd 2022


António Eusébio

Sumol+Compal > Chairman of the Board of Directors

Attending the AMP was definitely a worthwhile experience. The inspiring lectures, case-study discussions and classroom debates were a great opportunity to get insights from new business concepts and update my knowledge in different management areas. The combination of CATÓLICA-LISBON and Kellogg academic strengths, a senior (and cheerful!) group of participants and excellent facilities, make the AMP an extremely rewarding, memorable, and, I believe, unique executive m ANTÓNIO EUSÉBIO anagement program.

Paula Pimentel

Beiersdorf > Managing Director

AMP was for sure a great and rich experience from a professional and personal point of view. Inspiring professors, insightful classes, challenging discussions,… The In board experience at Kellogg School, with its great location, excellent facilities and with our special host, Sérgio Rebelo, that make us feel at home,… is an unique package for building those memorable moments. Learning with the different experiences from our great colleagues also gives us a more holistic vision of Business Management.

Gonçalo Barral

Essilor Portugal > Managing Director

The AMP was arguably one of the best academic and personal experiences I had in my life and is definitely the “state of the art” in terms of “top of the pyramid” executive programs. Everything was amazingly fulfilled with the highest standards of quality: the top world class level of professors, the updated insights on the new business landscape, the premium level of discussions and the excellent network among attendees. And as a cherry on the top of the cake I met friends for life.

Nuno Frias da Costa

Banco Santander Totta > Board Member

The AMP program was an invaluable opportunity to refresh and update some key management concepts learned in the university 20 years ago, as well as to conceptualize new economic and management trends, taught by top professors both in the Lisbon and Chicago weeks. The program is also structured to foster strong relationships among all the participants far beyond group and class discussion, providing leisure breaks and specific activities to create and establish a “sense of group”.

Mariana Carreira

Make-a-wish Portugal > CEO

It was a privilege to be able to attend AMP not only for the excellent national and international professors but also for the great participants. The lectures, workshops, case studies and sharing experiences between participants and professors were unforgettable and transformative, undoubtedly increasing my level of knowledge. There is a before and after AMP for both knowledge and new contacts and friendships.

Miguel Sanches

Volkswagen Autoeuropa > Chairman of the Board of Directors

The AMP is a worthwhile and enthusiastic experience, and I highly recommend it. It provides a unique opportunity to get in touch with exceptional keynote speakers, great classmates, and the latest trends on business management. Personally, it allowed me to revisit fundamental management aspects as well as to update my business knowledge in several areas. The diversity of the Lisbon and Chicago weeks is the cherry on top of the entire program, giving the participants the opportunity to take the most from the experience.

Rita Barral

5aSec > CEO Portugal

The AMP was a memorable experience for me and far beyond my expectations. An intense and fast paced program with passionate professors and inspirational prominent speakers. Top level participants that became true friends. Superb facilities and organization. Enriching case studies and discussions, great content, reflective debriefing conversations with peers and well-structured coaching sessions. This was an experience unlike any other leadership course I have taken and a unique life learning experience. My deepest thanks to everybody involved.

Luís Pais Antunes

PLMJ > Managing Partner and Chairman

The AMP really delivers by giving you the insights and the tools one needs to address the increasing business challenges we currently face. In particular, I found the focus on entrepreneurship and innovation particularly engaging. The group of peers was excellent and the difference of approaches was clearly enriching, providing us an exceptional learning experience. “I strongly recommend” would be just an understatement…

Sofia Barbosa

Outsystems > Vice president Customer Operations

Attending the AMP was a complete enriching experience for me. Having the opportunity to meet amazing professors that have a strong academic but also corporate background has inspired me in some many ways. The week at Católica and the week of Kellogg complete each other and challenge our mindset to think out of the box. Católica does an amazing job on the organization and setup of the AMP and the group spirit that is created during this program is one of the most valuable assets. Strongly recommend!

Filipe Neves

Feedzai > CFO

My participation in AMP was a very enriching experience, both personally and professionally. Great group of professors, very interesting lectures, amazing group of classmates. The week in Lisbon was great, the one in Chicago exceled all my expectations. I would encourage every senior leader to participate in a program like this, and AMP is definitely my recommendation.